Thursday, 3 March 2016


James Gleick’s story of scientific exploration and discovery is an amazing read. No doubt the actual theory and technicalities are way beyond the reach of most of us but the history is entertaining and inspiring nonetheless. Who would believe that simple equations could generate those fantastic fractal images? Surely new and interesting topics like this could find their way into mainstream teaching; instead of pouring endless foundations without making time to explore and build anything.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Let it go!

Let it go, I thought. It’s only a real estate ad. But it’s silly, how many other uses can a toilet have?

“A single carport adjoin the house and large studio with a toilet which has too many uses to mention. Low maintenance gardens to top off this great package…”

Full Circle

The maths building at Melbourne University looks much the same as it did many years ago. I called in there last year while on my way to somewhere else. Little did I know that an interest in maths would resurface. Reviewing year 7 to 10 maths exercises for Pearson Education Australia provided the impetus. Just as the university maths building looks much the same, so too does the secondary maths curriculum. All the familiar topics are still there, now woven into detailed and tightly-structured curriculum frameworks.

Presentation has changed: books have more interesting designs and more colour; the online world is populated with notes, summaries, slides and videos; and tablets are the latest mode of instruction. Does this make maths more interesting or relevant? That’s a good question to ponder. In the meantime, my task is to make sure that the diagrams make sense and the answers are correct.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Casual Observations

Noticed a few things:

  • a young lady with black hair and wearing a black top, black skirt, black stockings and bright red shoes!
  • three businessmen trailing their wheeled bags and walking in single file, looking (and sounding) like a train.
  • a pack of hawk-eyed news cameramen outside the Magistrates Court, ready to swoop and pounce like gulls over a food scrap.
  • a barrister wearing wig and gown, crossing the street against the red 'don't walk' light.
  • two hit men sitting in a parked car, both watching and waiting for something or someone. (Well they could be hit men, I'm not entirely sure!)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


All directions are possible,
Some might go nowhere,
Others may lead somewhere,
Which way is out?
There are many ways out,
All directions are possible.

Friday, 26 November 2010


Every vehicle has a history...

Shiny, new and modern with all the latest features, price justified by ample style, power and economy.

Driven with pride and carefully maintained, until traded for something new. ..

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Spare Parts

What if this breaks or is damaged? It's an important part and becoming hard to find. I could get a brand new one but even if I could find one, it would be very expensive, not worth spending that much on such an old car. There may be one in the wreckers.      read more